Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Monday Laugh ...

My sister-in-law bought the cutest sign for me when she visited Gruene lately.

I've seen the t-shirts with the hobby of golfing and hunting for the husband and the wife was second choice. Well, this is the first I've seen where it is reversed AND it is for scrapbooking!

Now, I have got to say that I am married to the bestest guy in the world! Yea, he's more better than scrapbooking, but even he got a huge kick out of the sign.

While it is hanging in my scrap room he still knows he ranks higher since it is only him that I ask how a certain layout looks and he usually has great feedback and ideas!

Like I said ... he's the most bestest AWESOME man ... but this sign is stinkin' cute, right?

1 comment:

marsie55 said...

Ha ha ha!!! I have to make me one of those signs!! Thanks for sharing! xxx