Monday, June 18, 2012

Disney Fantasy Cruise - Day 1

This is a picture they take before you board the ship. I had the frame signed by all the characters on the ship. You are allowed two items per stateroom to be signed so I had this frame mat and a hat signed. 

I have to admit that after they announce you as you enter the ship - Yes, they actually announce your names ... kinda made us giggle! Anyway, you are just overwhelmed with how grand this ship is. We were standing there just staring at everything. 
 I have to add here that a fantastic source to get you ready for a Disney cruise is the DIS Discussion Forums. Just scroll down to the Disney Cruise Line Forum .. click there and start reading. I had joined the meet for our cruise (Under Cruise Meets) and also joined the Fish Extender Exchange group through the Dis Boards. I will post more on that later ... it needs its own separate post.

Well, I had read that it was good to just go straight to Cabana's to eat lunch. Curt and I found our way there and had a relaxing lunch. I am posting what I had for lunch EVERY day on the cruise.
These shrimp were so incredibly good. They had already removed the vein so peeling the shrimp was quick and easy ... oh they were heavenly! I tried to get Curt to try a shrimp, but he refused. :)

We then went to our meet for AllEars and signed in ... then off to Palo's to get a brunch for one of the sea days. We were fortunate enough to get a brunch and were just so excited to get this ship moving!!!

Our stateroom was ready about 1:30PM and we went to check it out. The stateroom was mid-ship and perfect. Here are some pictures of our view before we left and the stateroom itself. These were taken with my phone camera so that combined with me be overly excited, well, they effected the quality of these shots. 
Disney designed their bathrooms so well. It is a split bath. In one part is the shower (a good sized shower too) and a sink. The other room had a sink and the toilet. This made it so easy when it came time to get ready each day!
After getting settled in we went to the top deck for the Sail Away Party! Oh what a blast this was!!!
I took a video of the Sail Away party and I hope no one gets seasick watching it. I tried to keep it steady. It runs a little over two minutes.

This was a lot of dancing and jumping around ... not by me, but the dancers and characters. Well, the children were dancing and a few adults! When the ship started moving Curt and I decided to go to the railing and start waving. There is a port webcam that watches all ships leaving Port Canaveral. My sissy, Wren, was watching the webcam and, while I was on the phone with her, she was screaming that she saw us!!! I recently ordered some pictures, but haven't received them yet.

Curt and I had to hurry down to our room and get ready for our first dinner. We had the main seating dining and that was at 5:45PM and our show time was at 8:30PM. This was perfect for us and we chose this on our next cruise too. This is when you find out who your table mates will be. Boy were we blessed to have great table mates!! 
This was taken on our last night. Sitting next to Curt is Ryan and Gail. They celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary on the cruise and are such a sweet couple. Sitting next to me is James and Linda. Now I could have sat and listened to them for hours. For our friends who think Curt and I are Disney fanatics ... well, these two are us times a thousand! Believe me, if there is a Disney trivia game and James & Linda walk in ... you know the best you can do is second place. Having these couples join us in the evenings was always such a pleasure and just made the cruise all the more enjoyable. We're all Facebook buds now. However, that means I need to actually sign on to my Facebook some times. :)

To sign off for today I'll leave you with what we saw every evening when we got to our stateroom ... the towel art and our Navigator with all the activities on the ship the following day.

Our second day and possibly third coming tomorrow ... thanks for dropping by ...


Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun

disneygirlwv7 said...

OMG....I can taste those shrimp already...have my lunch set for seven days:))))))