Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disney Fantasy Cruise - Day 4

We woke up to a beautiful day and got ready for our "Under Two Flags" tour. We were going to drive around the island and see the Dutch and French side.

I really liked how they got your excursion group together on the ship and then everyone disembarked as a group. A lot less confusion then when I did an excursion on Royal. Anyway, here is a perspective of the ship when we were waiting to go to our bus.

We began on the Dutch side and stopped for some great photo opportunities.

And then entered the French side:
I was amazed at the beautiful flowers that all grew wild on the side of the roads. 
We had about 45 minutes to look around the area and purchase souvenirs. Curt and I went in to one of the malls, but there were only about seven stores .. mostly jewelry. We found an open market and enjoyed looking through their stuff.
What amazed us a lot on this excursion is the amount of cars on this small island. Wow! There were no stop lights, but everything seemed to run smoothly. 

Curt and I were very relaxed about our dining attire tonight because it was Pirate Night!! This was such a fun night!


We were so excited after dinner because we were on our way to the Walt Disney Theatre to watch "The Avengers" in 3D. 
 We are huge marvel fans and loved the Iron Man movies, Hulk and Thor! movies. This movie did not disappoint at all. We did miss some of the dialogue during the movie with the noise level in the theatre. We seemed to have a family talking quite a bit with no regard to those around them. Oh well, even with that the movie was a hit and my favorite movie in 3D to date. 

After the movie we went up to the top deck for the Pirate party and fireworks. Disney Cruise Lines is the only cruise line allowed to do fireworks at sea. We had Captain Jack Sparrow make an appearance and then the fireworks began ... it was pirate magical! Here is a short video of some of the fireworks. We were standing under the AquaDuck ride so, unfortunately, it is in the shot. It doesn't take too much away since it is clear. Enjoy!
Just one more smile for the evening ... this is my favorite towel animal ... the hanging monkey. We kept this up the rest of the cruise and decorated it each night. :)
Tomorrow is St. Thomas ... thanks for dropping by!

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