Friday, June 22, 2012

Disney Fantasy Cruise - Day 5

Today started out a bit cloudy with a sprinkle of rain. Curt and I had an excursion at 8:15AM. We went to the Buena Vista Theatre and joined those who were also on the St. John Island Tour. We had to wait a bit for the excursion to begin and that was probably due to the weather. Thankfully, the weather cleared up and we were off!

I will warn you now that this post will be picture heavy! I fell in love with St. Thomas and St. John. Curt took so many beautiful pictures. We took a ferry over to St. John, sat on the top level, and that trip was like a ride at Disney World! We were traveling against the current and bounced up and down the whole way ... LOVED IT! Our guides were very good and here are some shots of our trip to St. John.
After our arrival in St. John we were lead to an open air bus for our tour. We stopped in numerous places to take pictures. The beaches were incredible with their white sand and beautiful blue waters. Our guide said a yearly pass for the beaches was only $15! He also explained that their school system on St. John did not include high school. The children had to take a ferry every morning to St. Thomas for their high school years and college. He said it only took 20 minutes, but very different than being bussed to school. As for the weather there, he said the lowest they got was 65 and with that the blankets were used! 

Here are some pictures from our tour. Curt also took a number of panoramic pictures and if you click on the picture you will see it in its full size.
We then returned to the boat for the ride back to St. Thomas. Now, I'm thinking we are going to have a fun ride back and agreed to sit on the top level again on the ferry. How wrong I was. It seemed we were with the current this time and the ride was very smooth ... and HOT! This is where I got my delightful sunburned arms. While the scenery was gorgeous and I enjoyed the tour I could not wait to get back on the ship in some air conditioning! 
When Curt and I got back on the ship we went to Cabana's and, you guessed it, I had my shrimp lunch. We enjoyed just watching some on the people on their boating excursions and chillin'.
Dinner was at Royal Court again and then the show that evening was:
I was up for a relaxing night and didn't want to see the show so I just stayed in and read. Curt enjoyed the show then decided to see the movie "John Carter" in the Buena Vista Theatre. He had to admit to our sons that they were right about it not being the best movie. Atleast he didn't have to contend with the noise like we did from "The Avengers" since the movie was at 11:00PM. Oh, here is our towel animal for the night and our favorite one decorated as a pirate monkey!
Tomorrow is a day at sea and that evening is the dining experience I have been waiting for. At Animator's Palate we were going to see the "Draw Your Own Character" show. Thanks for dropping by!


Natasha said...

I too fell in love with St. Thomas. We didn't go over to St. John, but I would love to go back on day. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Tammy said...

Cheryl thanks so much for sharing!!
This looks amazing, what wonderful photos ~ I can't stop looking at them.

Congrats on going on your first Disney cruise ~ looks like you had LOTS of fun! ;-)