Friday, April 29, 2011

Speed Scrap at MouseScrappers!

Okay, I'm off to bed but wanted to post this layout from the Speed Scrap hosted by Kayla at MouseScrappers.

I used the Mouse Moments kit from Keystone Scraps (I just love the colors and everything about this kit). I also used a metal Mouse head from City of Tomorrow by Kellybell Designs.

What a way to go into the weekend. I hope y'all have a fantastic one and thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blessings to You and Your Family!

He is risen ... He is risen indeed! Praise God for all his blessings, but most praise Him for sending his Son to die for us so that we may be forgiven our sins.

Thank you for dropping by and have a blessed Easter.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Template Challenge Layout

I just finished this layout for a Template Challenge at MouseScrappers and wanted to post before signing off.

This super cute template was from Roxana and I used Mickey's Ice Cream Kit by A Grieving Mommy and the darling Minnie bows were from Most Wonderful Place on Earth by Mouse Scraps.

Thanks for dropping in.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Blog Awards!

Two blog awards in one day! I am thrilled to say the least and want to thank What's Scrappin! and Creating with Gypsy. When I first heard about "blogging" I never pictured myself even starting my own blog. Now, I look forward to posting to my blog and, most of all, enjoy visiting so many incredibly talented people through their blogs. As you can see in a previous post I participated in a "Link the Love" party through Getting Cricky with K Andrew and I spent many hours marveling at the talent and creativity out there. Through one of the blogs I started following ... What's Scrappin! ... I have received this blog award ... thank you so much!!!

Rules of Award Acceptance 
  1. Right-click on the award and save it to your desktop for use when you add it to your blog.
  2. Choose FIVE (5) worthy recipients and list them. Next to their blog name, give ONE reason why you think their blog is special. What catches your eye about them? What do you love?
  3. On your blog page, list 5 things about yourself. Include at least one thing you enjoy about your craft.
With accepting any of the blog awards I find the hardest thing is to talk about myself ... so I'm just letting you know this part took me some time. Here we go.
  1. I have been married for almost 29 years and it doesn't even feel like it's been that long ... LOL
  2. I love being a member of Disney Vacation Club and enjoy my annual trips to Disney World.
  3. I enjoy spending the day in my scrap room ... just makes me smile! You can see why by looking at the March 19th post. :)
  4. I love my Nook!
  5. I am a night owl!
Now, the fun part is my recipients of this award:
  1. Jacque  at Jacque's Joie de Vivre ... be prepared to have your breath taken away by the beauty of her cards!
  2. Patty at The Crafty Kitten ... some of the cutest cards and tutorial.
  3. Beatriz at Amazing Grace ... I've been following Bea's blog for some time now and love when she has a new post ... you will see what I mean when you see her layouts!
  4. Wanda at My Happy Place ... I just love this lady!!! You will enjoy looking at the cards and layouts on this stinkin' cute blog!!
  5. Nancy  at Crafting Passions ... Just love her cards!
Yup, picking my recepients was so much easier than figuring out what to say about myself. I know you will enjoy visiting these blogs ... creativity at its finest.

A big thanks again to What's Scrappin! for this blog award!

I received the following blog award from Tina at Creating with Gypsy. The first thing I did notice though was the picture Tina had on her blog ... I remembered her blog well cause the first time I saw it I thought "McDreamy scraps?!?!". You will just have to visit her blog to see what I mean ... heehee.

I am to write 7 things about my self and pass on to 15 people ... you know how I feel about writing about myself so you have 5 above and here are two more:
  1. I love crocheting but haven't done much. I seem to have a problem with measuring a correct size for afghans. My first one would have been perfect if you were 7' tall and narrow of body ... my second one is looking like I should be doing this for basketball players cause it is perfect if you are 8' tall and just about as narrow as the first one. :)
  2. I love to plan trips to Disney World. Okay, I know it's a "duh" moment, but like I said I have a really hard time writing about myself.  
 I'll list ten more recipients since I have five listed above.
  1. Arlene at Butterfly Kisses ... some of the most beautiful cards I have seen!
  2. Emily at Create Serendipity ... I started following her blogs through "Link the Love" and fell in love with her mini albums ... gorgeous! 
  3. Joy and Melanie at Everyday Cricut ... I never get tired of looking through this blog. 
  4. Lea at Lea's Cupcakes & Sunshine ... Just some of the cutest cards I've seen.
  5. Tosh at Stamp Talk with Tosh ... fantastic cards all through her blog.
  6. Lori at Scrappin' My Stress Away ... she has some really cute layouts and some interesting techniques.
  7. Kylie at Rock is Dead! ... I just love her layouts and I know you will too.
  8. Michelle at me & my scraps ... just a little bit of everything and it's all so creative.
  9. Crystal at Little Creations ... you will see some wonderful layouts & tutorials here!!
  10. Scrap Bites ... cards, layouts, tutorials and more!
Whew this has taken awhile to finish ... be sure to check out all these blogs because I know you will enjoy your time there.

Thanks for dropping by ....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go Wild with this New Kit Release from Keystone Scraps ...

You are going to love scrapping those special memories of your trips to the zoo, visits to Animal Kingdom, and so much more. Have you taken a trip to Africa? ... Well, then this is perfect!

I Dream of Africa

This big, beautiful, elegant kit contains 24 papers infused with animal prints, textiles, and solid hues. There are 65 elements including several styles of flowers, realistic artisan elements, and earthy animal stickers.... just to name a few.

You can pickup this amazing kit at Keystone Scraps Store for just $3!!
If you hurry ...  and purchase I Dream of Africa by Sunday April 24th, you will recieve a FREE Page Starter!

What is a Page Starter??? Well... its like a quickpage, but it gives you much more flexibility!
Everything you need to create a great page is here... a beautiful paper pack, a great cluster frame... and 2 different alpha titles! Just add your photos and journalling and you're done! Or you can use just 1 element on your page... or combine it with the full I Dream of Africa kit.

This page starter will be available in the store for just $1 starting Monday April 25th!

Here are a few layouts I made with this wonderful kit.

The layout below was for a Scraplift Challenge at MouseScrappers.

My last layout to show today ...

Finally, below is a freebie I made for you. I used this Word Art in the above layout ....

Click preview to download freebie.

Thanks for dropping by ... and don't forget if you hurry and purchase I Dream of Africa by Sunday, April 24th, you will recieve a FREE Page Starter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm So Excited!!!

I found out yesterday that I made the Creative Team for Keystone Scraps! I absolutely love Melissa and Paula who are the designers for Keystone Scraps and look forward to working with them and the new members of the CT.  Here is their announcement!!

Is that exciting or what!?!?!

Okay, they have a fantastic new kit coming out Wednesday so check back here so you can grab it! I may even have a freebie here for you.

Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Template Challenge!

We had the most wonderful day spending it with my sister-in-law and nephews! After a relaxing lunch and then a fun game of Phase 10 ... we taught Betsy (my sister-in-law) how to play a few months ago and since then she has NEVER lost! Yes, she won again today ... LOL ... we had so much fun though.

Before turning in for the evening I wanted to finish a template challenge at MouseScrappers that was ending today. Loved the template by Donna and used a new kit by Kellybell Designs called City of Tomorrow ... just came out today. I scrapped the segway tour Curt and I took at Epcot in 2008. I made the reservation for this tour and Curt wasn't thrilled about it, but was willing to give it a try. After we were about 10 minutes into our training session Curt was totally into this segway business!! If you are ever at Epcot and see someone on a segway with "little duckies" following behind ... that was what we did!!! They take you to the World Showcase before it opens at 11:00AM and you get to go through some of the countries and then they have a section set up for you to just have fun. We certainly did!!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Sea World Layout & Template Challenge

I just completed the latest Template Challenge at MouseScrappers. Loved this template by Natalie and had fun using a new kit from Band Geek Designs and the greatest Old Grungy Mice from Keystone Scraps.

I also did a two page layout from a visit to Sea World last month.

Left Side:
Right Side:
Don't you just love those colors!

Another Follower Giveaway!

Go visit Diana at D.L. Art and follow her blog to be entered to her 300 Follower Giveaway!!! She's very close so hurry over. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Candy Giveaway!!!

Through the Link the Love party I found a great blog by Natasha ... she's having a blog candy giveaway when she reaches 200 followers ... just click here and go visit her blog!

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to visit the blogs below ... I am having a great time and love seeing all these wonderfully creative blogs!

Link the Love Party!

Hi everyone! I am one of those who love blog hopping and seeing what everyone else is creating. I found this Link the Love Party at Deanne's blog Scrappin With Cricut and decided to join along. I'm off to check out all these blogs ...come join me.

I'm supposed to tell you something about me ... ahhhh! I never know what to say ... I guess when you look at my blog you will see that I am a HUGE Disney fan ... fanatic ... you get the idea. My hubby and I honeymooned there about 29 years ago and for the last six years we have gone each year to celebrate our anniversary. How can you ever feel older loving Disney ... sprinkling the pixie dust .... 

What fun .. come join me as I check out all these blogs!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Picnic Basket Mini Album is Finally Finished!

That big project I made a huge mess making is finally finished! This is a Laura Denison Design and it was incredibly easy to follow her directions. Now if you have never visited Laura's blog you really need to check her designs out. I watch her every Friday evening on Ustream and marvel at her creativity. I really think she will be a big name in scrapbooking soon.

This project is for a very special couple on their 30th anniversary. I was just so excited about finishing this and showing y'all. Wren and David love barbecuing outside and are in the process of re-doing their backyard deck so they can enjoy eating out this summer. I saw this Picnic Basket mini album and figured it would be a cute way for them to get their picnic memories preserved.

Warning: There are a lot of pictures!!! I put together a video to music and everything, but the pictures were so small. I decided to post the pictures and then at the end is the video ... hey I took the time to put it together so I figured I would post it. Thanks so much for dropping by and have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What kind of Scrapper are you?????

If you saw my latest pictures of my scrap room (in a later post below) you would think ... "Wow, she is so organized and neat" ... I'm about to burst your bubble! That leads to my question of "What kind of scrapper are you"?

While I do love to have everything in it place and a place for everything,

I also seem to have this alter side of my scrappy self who loves chaos. I started a new project of Laura Denison's and everything seemed to be going smoothly until I walked in to my room this morning and saw the mess.

What happened?!?!#$?! I know I had a table set up with my paper trimmer and die cutter and my other table set up to put everything together. My mad scientist took over and this is the mess I am trying to clean up now so I can continue with this project.

How many of you are the super neat scrappers who clean up right after you finish a part of the project to continue on ... and how many of you are totally lost in the moment and turn into the tasmanian devil without remembering how it happened?

I am truly curious to know so leave me a comment on what kind of scrapper you are ... thanks for dropping by and come back cause I WILL finish this project and post it. I am loving making this super cute mini album! See ya!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am so slow to post ... My First Blogger Award!

I was so excited to see that Wanda over at My Happy Place has given me this blog award. I had no idea what to do ... ha! I think I've figured it out now with the help of my blogger friend, Robyn. Thank you so much Wanda and y'all click here and go visit Wanda's awesome blog ... you will enjoy seeing her creativity ... I know I do!

Here are the rules for the award:

Thank the person that sent it to you ... thanks again Wanda! :)

Tell 7 things about your self
Send it to 15 people

1.  I love the Lord!
2.  I have been married for 29 years to my own               Prince Charming ... Curt, that's you!
3.  I'm blessed to be "mom" to two fantastic sons         ... Matt & Bryan :) :)
4.  I am also "mama" to two sweet girls ... our                Boxers ... Shasta and Daisy.
5.  I am a HUGE Disney fan ... nut ... fanatic                     .. whatever you call it ... I love Disney!
6.  I love reality shows! I know, but they are      
     much more enjoyable to me than alot of    
     the other shows out there. Some of my     
     favorites are ... Survivor (yes, I still watch
     it!),  Amazing Race, Top Chef, Next Food             
     Network Star, Dancing with the Stars,
     Project  Runway, Chopped, Cupcake Wars ...  
     and so on.
 7. I am loving this time of my life. I often have to
     start counting when someone asks how old I
     am because I just don't "feel" age. Maybe that's
     why I am such a Disney fan ... I'll never get
     older ... Pixie Dust to y'all!!!

There ... now on to my recipients ... I just love visiting these blogs!