Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December Class Project

I have finally quit changing next month's project for Jane's December crop. I had so much fun designing all the little spaces on this explosion box. The Christmas tree in the middle is 3D and sits on a woven "rug" of paper, we also will do a mini book on one of the spaces, there is a recipe holder (with some delicious recipes included), and well you get the picture ... lots of fun. I totally scraplifted the paper bow you will be making, but can't remember where I got it to give the credit to ... sorry. I will be teaching the Explosion Box & Bow at the crop on December 4th. You can go over to Jane's blog to sign up if you are coming to the December crop. If it is not posted yet she should have it posted soon.

Thanks for looking and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Chrismas Gift Finished

Finished one Christmas Gift:

Now I'm going to start on my brother & sister-in-law's VEGAS wordbook ... so it's off to the Cricut.

Thanks for looking! :)

Getting Back to Normal

I had a wonderful time this last weekend at the monthly crop.  I was teaching a class making Christmas cards and had so much fun. Then just spending two days scrapping with my friends ... especially my table buddy Robyn. Today met some friends at Craftiques Mall to check out The Scrapbooking Factory booth. Took some pictures:

Come on by and visit at Lockhill Selma & NW Military.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Had a Wonderful Day!

What a fun day!! I went to see Jane's new booth over at the Craftique Mall on NW Military & Locke Hill Selma. If you are in the area you will love checking her booth out. I'm just upset that I didn't have my camera with me ... LOL ... I was just so excited about finally getting out and about after spending weeks sick. Next time I'm there I'll post a picture of her booth.

Do y'all ever feel like you have soooo many ideas running around in your head that you can't settle on just one? I'm starting my Christmas gifts (about a month earlier than I usually do) and trying to get down on paper what I'm making for each person ... then I drift off to my happy creative place and it goes on and on. Kind of like Doug, the dog, in the movie UP who gets distracted so easily ... SQUIRREL! You'll understand that if you saw the movie. Too funny!

Well, I'm off to figure things out and get those gifts started ... I'll post my gifts as I finish them ... well the ones I can since some read my blog and I'm not letting them get an early peek. :o)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Finally Back!

I'm finally up and about now! Gee, it's only been about six weeks of coughing ... then pulling a muscle in my chest from coughing. I know, you haven't heard of that happening ... it does ... OUCH!

I've been having fun getting the Christmas cards together for the class I'm teaching at The Scrapbooking Factory (Jane's on-line store). These cards are so easy & fun to make. I got the card ideas from a class I took in Houston. Can you say "stinkin' cute".