Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayers are Live Savers ...

I truly believe that prayers are answered ... sometimes not how we would want or in the time we would want them answered ... but I know I just need to place everything in God's loving hands.

I will be away from my blog for awhile helping my parents as my dad goes thru chemo treatments for lung cancer. We are all very positive about this, but I do admit I am worried that I will not be strong enough for what lays ahead and I do not want to show any of that to my dad. So, please pray that God gives me the strength to help my parents during this time and the time ahead.

He was diagnosed about a month ago and will start his chemo treatments this week. He only has three then starts the radiation therapy the following week for about 5-7 weeks. He just turned 80 and says he feels great so please just keep him in your prayers ... I really appreciate it.

Much love to my awesome friends who have been following this with me and thanks for your support. I love y'all!!

Talk soon! :)


Robyn said...

Your father and your entire family are in my prayers. You will be strong, I have no doubt. But don't try to do it alone. Lean on our Heavenly for strength and He will see you through this. You are an awesome daughter and I admire how you always hop into action when your mom & dad have needed you. If tears do come, it is okay and remember nobody expects you to be a rock. If you need anything from me you know where I will be. In the meantime, my prayers are with you. I love you and am proud to call you friend!

magicwanda said...

Oh Cheryl
I will keep you and your family in my prayers....
Love and prayers to you Big Hugs