Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gotta Pay Attention to the Rules!

I was working away on a template challenge I'm doing at Mouse Scrappers and had fun changing up the template to a layout I was really liking. I finished it and was going to post and realized that ... DUH! ... it's Mouse Scrappers so what do you think the theme needs to be??? Yup, Disney! 

Now a lot of you probably think that is all I do, but I do actually have some other trips to scrap and had put together the layout below from my scrap cruise last year. This layout is titled "Costa Maya" and it was my absolute favorite stop we made. On rainy days like today I can just stare out the window and see the beautiful blue waters. Ahhhhh .... 

I still enjoyed putting it together. Thanks for looking.

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Robyn said...

who's your boyfriend?