Friday, February 4, 2011

Okay ... don't laugh ...

I know up north y'all get snow a lot ... especially now! We, however, are not used to snow in south Texas. Here are some shots I took this morning of our "snow fall". Again, don't laugh ... this is a big deal to us. :)

The major highways of San Antonio are shut down. They showed the streets this morning with NO ONE on them! It is so pretty to see even this small amount of snow, but don't want a repeat any time soon. We haven't gotten above 26 where I'm at in three days. Today is supposed to get above freezing.

Of course, the dogs love this! This is Daisy's first snow (expect a layout soon). She keeps licking the snow and biting at it. Shasta just enjoys the brisk weather.

I'm off to scrap some snow pictures! Thanks for dropping by.

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