Monday, September 6, 2010

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

On our first day of seeing the parks we had decided to travel to Universal and see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The crowd level was down so that was great! However, I don't understand why they built this park so small!!! We were able to go in to Honeydukes:
Great candy displays and I picked up Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans for the guys (there are flavors like dirt, vomit & pepper) and a Chocolate Frog for Curt! The wait for Ollivanders Wand Shop was about one hour! The shop only lets in a few customers at a time. Now why make shops that can only hold a small amount of people???? They have people outside who have to let some out before they can let others enter ... just don't understand that! Anyway, we ate at The Three Broomsticks ... had fish and chips with Butterbeer (which is excellent). The Butterbeer tastes like cream soda ... yummy!
We walked up to Hogwarts to ride the main ride for this park .. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It was so awesome. You actually feel like you are flying with Harry! There are dementors, dragons, and much more. We rode it twice and loved it!!
The queue you walk through to get to the ride was fantastic. There are pictures that talk and walk from picture to picture ... just like the movie! Harry, Heromine and Ron talk with you along with Professor Dumbledore. This is what I enjoyed the most.

I am so glad I visited the park and got to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It's always great to see things for yourself so go and enjoy this wizarding experience.

I put this layout together using Connie Prince's template "In The Middle". The digital kit is "Wizard School" by Traci Reid & Wild Dandelion. The date element is "Behind the Dating Glass" by Haynay Designs. The font is Harry P.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said...

I absolutely LOVE the sketch you used to create your LO! My boys want to go to HP so bad, but I just cannot make myself leave Disney property for it! I may have to give in and let the hubby take them while I spend a quiet day touring Epcot by myself! :)

remus79 said...

Love this layout! I am going to have to scraplift this in the "real" world.