Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink ...

My hubby and I love eating at Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club Resort whenever we are at Disney World. We have never ordered The Kitchen Sink ourselves, but when I went with my sister, Wren, and my niece, Lauren, and her best friend ... well they wanted to try it. Here is a layout I did on this momentous occasion!

This is 8 scoops of ice cream, bananas, pieces of pound cake, oreos, brownies & a Snickers candy bar, caramel, pineapple sauce, chocolate fudge sauce, a full can of whip cream, sprinkles and a hand full of cherries. They also have fantastic cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches, onion rings and awesome sundaes. Having the Kitchen Sink once was enough for me ... but it sure looks good, doesn't it???


magicwanda said...

Oh my Cheryl
I gained 10 pounds just looking at it!.....LOL
Wow that is one huge dessert.
Awesome layout
Hugs Wanda:-D

Beatriz Farquhar Guzman said...

wow....... I would love one of those. Great work and fabulous memories. Happy friday!