Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Goodies I Made for the Orlando SDV ...

I absolutely love all the amazing and thoughtful gifts I received at the SDV. Here are a few of the things I made for Wren, Jackie & Robyn.

I enjoy digital scrapping and got this idea for milk cartons Disney style. These remind me of my school days & getting milk for lunch. Each of their milk cartons were personalized with pictures and filled with their favorite candy.

This next goodie is a pop-top can treat ... I got this idea from the Cricut message board even though it doesn't involve the Cricut at all. I had alot of fun with this one. LOL

I bought 12 cans of 8 oz. fruit cocktail ... removed the bottom of these cans with a Pampered Chef can opener so there were no sharp edges ... poured out the fruit cocktail (and had this for several days) ... clean and dried out the cans. I then decorated them with Disney paper and doodled away. The fun part was filling them. I collected red, white, yellow & black M&M's and put all in a gallon bag since I had to fly out to Florida. I was afraid if I put them all together before leaving then there was a chance security would want to know what was in the cans since I was bringing them with me in my carry-on (chocolate and all). I could just imagine them popping the top on every one of them ... after that nightmare my decision was made. So that left me with 5 lbs of M&M's and 12 cans along with my glue gun in my bag. Ha! What we do for our crafts!

Well I filled each can, after I shooed all the girls out of the room, and then used the glue gun to seal the bottom back on. That was the tricky part. I made 12 since I was making one for each of my friends from Florida I met 2 years ago & some new ones I met this year. I loved watching everyone open their cans and see their colorful M&M's inside and wonder how did you get those in there?

My last project was for me ... heehee. I'm planning on getting pictures of my scrap room to post and it is, of course, done in Disney colors. Therefore, I made this swivel tool caddy for my room and love it. It makes me smile ... hope it does you too. Thanks for looking. :)


SarahAyden:D said...

These are absolutely AH-dorable.

Robyn said...

Everything was stinkin cute! I have reassembled my milk carton and have it on my shelf next to the unopened can of m&m's. The whole experience was fun but getting (and giving) goodies to each other was way cool! I'm lovin the tool caddy.

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

I love it all! I think those little girls without the faces are really starting to grow on me! The Tool Caddy is my fav!

See you soon!

Tracy said...

VERY cute Cheryl! I love your ideas :)